Building Management Systems (BMB) keeps health facility’s HVAC components in check

In this health facility in Allentown, PA hundreds of mechanical components are connected by a modular control network that now serves the 36,000-sq-ft, two-story building. 

The building relies on a system involving a geothermal component, chilled beams, and a single-pipe distribution system tied to advanced mixing blocks.

Penn Foundation Project

Penn Foundation Project

Geothermal systems were installed that harvest energy from the earth. But the real uniqueness of this job is the way Btus are removed from or delivered to enclosed spaces. Different water temperatures are readily available for a variety of terminal units throughout the facility from a single-pipe system because we’re using new, off-the-shelf injection mixing blocks that blend supply and return water temperatures from the main. Injection mixing provides the perfect balance of everything designers, installers, and building owners most want.

A project like this is simplified only when the control system is ideally suited to all of the components that must work in tandem. With a BMS monitoring the overall performance, the design has helped the facility save on both energy and maintenance costs. Read more:

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