Smart Farming with a Smart Hydronic System

By Jeff Pitcarin, Eastern Commercial Regional Manager at Taco, Inc.

To a  chicken farmer Earl Ray Zimmerman of Lancaster County, PA, keeping his 30,000 broilers (chickens for meat) warm at a steady temperature is critical to his profit picture. Sustainability is at the top of his list, too, so Matt Aungst of Total Energy Solutions, LLC teamed up with Taco to create a sustainable, precision hydronic chicken house heating solution. Matt used Taco’s free Hydronic System Solutions® software to design the system.

Biofuel to the Rescue

The advanced hydronic biofuel heating system conditions two 500-f. chicken houses. Each building contains up to 30,000 birds.

The new heating system resulted in significant cost reduction, production increases for the farmer, reduction of water-source pollution, as well as health and living condition improvement for the animals.

Read more on how the manure-burning heating system is a real win for the farm in the Biofuel to the Rescue article.


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