Building for the Future: Taco’s Expansion Project Update

Building for the Future: Taco’s Expansion Project 

We continue our blog series featuring construction and development of the Taco Innovation and Development Center and its sustainable design principles.

Work on the new Taco Innovation and Development Center is continuing at a fast pace, aided by a warmer than normal start to winter. The project, which involves renovations to interior office spaces within Taco’s existing building as well as construction of the new Center, is about 40-percent completed, according to Kyle Lloyd, Senior Project Manager for Shawmut Design and Construction, the design-build firm overseeing the project.

Architectural Renderings, Innovation & Development Center

Construction of the Innovation Center, Phase Two of the five-phase project, is about 65-percent completed, with installation of windows almost completed. From there we will continue with dry walling and painting within the two-story structure and begin installing acoustical ceiling panels and finishing the ceiling work, which will include piping and installation of chilled beams. Work has also started on the new Taco Café for employees.

Progress on the Center’s dedicated mechanical room is also under way, and equipment installation has commenced. Far from an ordinary mechanical room, the center’s physical plant design has been mapped out using MEP BIM Revit modeling to allow working products to also be viewed as displays for touring-teaching purposes.

Chris Integlia, Taco Executive Vice President and the project build team leader anticipates grand opening this June. Chris shares, “This is a very exciting project from our point of view, because it has allowed us to work jointly with many of our industry partners – fellow manufacturers, architects, engineers, contractors and tradesmen – to create a facility that will display the latest in advanced hydronic technology. We’re also proud of the positive impact this project is having on the local economy by employing over 200 contractors in our industry”.

In our next project updates, we will be discussing installation of Chilled Beam systems.

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