Taco Walks the Green Building Talk

Sustainability at Taco – Interview with Chris Integlia, Executive Vice President

Sustainability is an active practice at Taco, involving Taco employees at all levels. The company’s building in Cranston, RI, a former turn-of-the-century trolley barn, has been preserved and expanded in a sustainable manner with the addition of a LEED certified warehouse and distribution facility that employs co-generation, solar panels, day lighting and extensive recycling.

Taco embraced the Green Building Movement early on, and produces innovative, energy efficient products and systems, likeLoadMatch® and the new LOFlo® injection mixing system, which assist LEED certification scoring, as well as water conservation and solar-energy-based products.

Here’s Chris Integlia, an 18-year veteran of Taco, speaking about the special “Taco culture” and how the concept and practice of sustainability and environmental responsibility are alive and well at Taco.

This is part one in a series of interviews with Chris to be posted on this blog.

Tell us what you think about sustainability for today’s buildings and how HVAC systems can contribute to a better environment.

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