Revitizing Taco Commercial Products

By Gene Fina, Product Manager, Taco Commercial Products Division

Taco Revit Files

Taco Revit Files

It’s been just over a year since Taco announced its association with Autodesk® Seek and our intention to make all of our commercial products available as Revit® files for use by mechanical design engineers using the BIM process. At the time, we were the first HVAC pump manufacturer to do so.

Since then it’s been a busy time for Taco on the Revit front, spurred on by strong customer demand for the files. In fact, it was customer feedback that first brought the Revit option to Taco’s attention in the first place. We conduct regular factory training sessions for the engineering community, and we first heard about the BIM process and the Autodesk Revit file offerings from design engineers attending those sessions. We immediately knew that we had to respond, and quickly. This is what product specifying engineers were looking for.

How much demand there was for Revit files surprised us. What we were hearing was, ‘We need all of your products simultaneously.’”

16 months later we’ve produced individual Revit files for over 860 product models, encompassing 24 separate product groups. These include pumps, circulators, heat exchangers, buffer and expansion tanks, air-dirt separators and valves. Another three product groups involving 50+ products remain to be completed, which should be ready within the first quarter of 2011.

We feel that the recent addition of Autodesk Seek Analytics is of great benefit to HVAC manufacturers like Taco, as it provides a high-level overview of user searches, viewings and downloads of products. Seek Analytics is a massive gain in productivity and enables us to identify trends in how engineers use our products.

In addition to our current 863 individual products available in Revit file formats, Taco also has four short instructional Revit videos available for viewing. The videos provide basic instructions for accessing and using Revit family files and can be viewed at

What do you think about Revit and the BIM process? Are you working in BIM and using Revit product files in your designs? How are they making your job easier? We’d like to hear from you and get a conversation going on this subject.

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